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ZIP Code 32399 in Tallahassee, FL

ZIP Code 32399 in Tallahassee, FL

USPS ZIP code 32399 info

The American UNIQUE ZIP code 32399 prefered city is Tallahassee. The area codes used in this zone is 850.

City Tallahassee
Area Codes 850 
Time Zone America/New_York
Coordinates 30.44,-84.28

USPS ZIP code 32399 MAP

Cities list in ZIP code 32399

Primary City Tallahassee
Acceptable Cities
Unacceptable Cities State Of Florida

ZIP code 32399 demographics

Area land and water

Area Land 646288
Area Water 1624 0.25%


Total 2
Men 1 50%
Women 1 50%


White 2 100%

Population by Age

70 to 79 2 100%

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